Course Details

Financial Independence (Getting to Point X)

Course # 2360
Date 11/30/2019
Time 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 1E18
Topic Practice Management
Tuition $195.00
Credits 4
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) John J. Vento
Eric J. Polumis

Receive personal comprehensive tax-smart wealth management advice, tailored specifically for dentists. This program discusses practical tips based on the most recent tax reform and helps draw a roadmap to your own “point X,” the point at which you stop working for your money, and your money starts working for you. Topics covered include committing to living within your means, understanding taxes, determining your financial position, managing debt, insuring your health and life, protecting your property with insurance, paying for college, planning for retirement, managing your investments, and preserving your estate. Discover the secret to accumulating wealth through “the power of compounding.”

Learn to:

  • follow a financial roadmap to achieve your personal financial goals
  • identify the 10 key wealth management issues and strategies for success
  • manage debt and insure your health and life
  • determine your financial position