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Welcome to the 100th Greater New York Dental Meeting!
The Largest Dental Meeting, Dental Convention, and Exposition in the United States.
Exhibit Dates: December 1st - December 4th 

Exhibiting at the largest dental event in the United States can offer numerous benefits for dental professionals and businesses alike:

Visibility: With a large number of attendees, your presence at the event increases your visibility within the dental community. It's an opportunity to showcase your products or services to a wide audience.

Networking: The event brings together professionals from various sectors of the dental industry. Networking with fellow exhibitors, attendees, and key opinion leaders can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and partnerships.

Market Research: You can gain insights into current trends, innovations, and demands in the dental market by observing competitors and interacting with attendees. This information can help you refine your products/services and tailor your marketing strategies.

Brand Exposure: Exhibiting at such an event can significantly boost your brand exposure. Whether you're launching a new product or reinforcing your brand image, the event provides a platform to showcase your brand to a large, targeted audience.

Education and Training: Many large dental events offer educational sessions, workshops, and hands-on training opportunities. By participating in these activities, you can stay updated on the latest advancements in dental technology, techniques, and practices.

Lead Generation: Engaging with attendees at your booth allows you to generate leads and potential customers. Collecting contact information and following up after the event can convert these leads into sales or long-term business relationships.

Demonstrations: Live demonstrations of your products or services can be particularly effective at trade shows. They allow attendees to experience firsthand how your offerings can benefit their practices or patients, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

Industry Insights: Attending keynote speeches, panel discussions, and seminars can provide valuable industry insights from experts and thought leaders. These insights can inform your business strategies and decision-making processes. Overall, exhibiting at the largest dental event in the United States provides a unique opportunity to engage with the dental community, build brand awareness, and drive business growth.

Standard Booth Setup Includes:   
8' background curtain, a
3' side drape partition, 
Complimentary booth sign listing the company name and booth number.        
Complimentary Exhibitor badges (up to 12 per 10x10' booth) ·                
Company, product, and/or services listed in the Program and Exhibit Guide (Cutoff date for entry in Program Guide is July 31, 2024) ·        
All exhibiting companies listed in the Onsite Exhibitor Directory ·        
The company posting on the Greater New York Dental Meeting website and APP ·        
Complimentary Shuttle Bus service to/from Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and many hotels   

We look forward to reconnecting with you during our 2024 Greater New York Dental Meeting! 


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