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The New Nuts and Bolts of Direct Composite Artistry: Hands-on Workshop

Course # 5600
Date 12/03/2019
Time 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Room Exhibit Floor Room #6218
Topic Restorative Dentistry
Tuition $295.00
Credits 3
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) Sigal Jacobson
Ian Shuman
Patrick Roetzer

Modern dentistry has changed dramatically from the time you were in dental school. With all these rapid changes, you must learn to do excellent work often by trial and error. Learn how to simplify the process of placing direct composite restorations in your practice. Review the latest materials coupled with innovative techniques. Attendees learn how to treat a wide variety of restorative cases with simplified procedures, minimally invasive tooth preparations, and a variety of matrix systems. Guaranteed to increase your efficiency, speed, and profitability.


  • to develop a stress reduced approach to restorative dentistry using direct composite resin
  • post and core: how to prevent root and post fractures
  • rapid occlusal form and function 

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