Course Details

Treating Worn Dentition

Course # 3870
Date 11/25/2018
Time 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 1E13
Topic Occlusion
Tuition $195.00
Credits 3
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) Lee Ann Brady
Mark Kleive

When you see patients with a worn dentition, do you ever wonder, “How did their teeth get like that?” Do you ever wish you could have diagnosed them earlier and possibly prevented that wear from occurring? Do you feel confident when planning a restorative treatment plan for them? In this program, learn how to treat patients with worn dentitions, as well as, how to identify the patterns and behaviors that lead to wear. Learn how to diagnose, treatment plan and manage severe wear.

Learn to:
  • diagnose and treat planning wear cases
  • restore for optimal success

Sponsored by the Pankey Institute