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Selecting the Best Crown Materials for 2017

Course # 4370
Date 11/27/2017
Time 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Topic Current Dental Topics
Tuition $215.00
Credits 3
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) Gordon Christensen J.

Some crowns are esthetically pleasing, some are breaking, some can’t be used in multiple units and some are coming off in service. This comparative presentation of materials and techniques is based on in-vitro and long-term clinical research by Clinicians Report Foundation. Included in the presentation are full-Zirconia; “Esthetic-Zirconia;” polymer hybrids; IPS e.max; IPS e.max press multi; porcelain-fused-to metal; and, full-metal.

  • to compare and discuss the currently popular crown types
  • proven clinical techniques for each type
  • to incorporate the information into your practice