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Pulse Oximetry for Screening OSA and OAT Titration/Get Ready to Practice Dental Sleep Medicine

Course # 3200
Date 12/01/2019
Time 8:00am - 12:00pm
Room 1E09
Topic Sleep Apnea
Tuition $225.00
Credits 4
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) Steve W. Carstensen
James Metz
Mark T. Murphy
Barry N. Chase
John A. Carollo

Steve Carstensen, D.D.S.                                      8:00 – 10:00

James Metz, D.D.S.

Pulse Oximetry for Screening OSA and OAT Titration
Dentists can use screener questions to identify patients at risk, but the specificity and communications go way up with objective data. If a traditional home sleep apnea test is used on undiagnosed patients, it can be a burden to the dental office, can have a significant cost, and can put the office in jeopardy of being accused of crossing the line between practicing dentistry and medicine. Using oximetry, however, provides a way to gather sophisticated data without any of those barriers and OSA can be effectively treated with a Mandibular Advancement Device at any severity level.  The high-resolution pulse oximetry provides critical information to guide oral appliance titration.

Learn to:

  • understand how pulse oximetry works
  • know the difference between traditional and high-resolution pulse oximetry
  • create a system within their dental practice to know your appliance is optimally titrated, prior to PSG validation

Mark T. Murphy, D.D.S.                                        10:00 – 12:00
John A. Carollo, D.M.D.
Barry N. Chase, D.D.S.

Get Ready to Practice Dental Sleep Medicine: Effectiveness of OAT and CPAP; Choosing the Best Therapy for Patients

This program compares and communicates the effectiveness of OAT and CPAP utilizing research for the best therapeutic choices in treating patients. This program includes recent research, positioning airway as a practice priority and an overview of the complexity and solutions necessary to manage OSA. Improving physician acceptance includes demonstrating efficacy, better patient comfort and compliance, mitigation of side effects and improving insurance coverage. This cross-sectional team of dental, medical and academics help to prepare you for these conversations with patients and physicians.

Learn to:

  • review preliminary results from the SARAH Study on OAT effectiveness and outcomes
  • understand the epidemiology and socio-economic impact of OSA
  • strengthen the public health by adding qualified sleep dentists integrated with Medicine