2023 Scientific Posters

Please enjoy the video presentations from some of our Presenters in 2023

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SUNY Farmingdale State College
Reflux Stinks: Solve it With Probiotics
We All Stem From Something: Using Stem Cells To Reproduce Dental Tissues
FAD Diet and Risk for Caries
How Platelet-Rich Fibrin Can Promote Recovery Following Dental Procedures
Adapting with the Puzzle Piece
Does Activated Charcoal actually Provide any Benefits for the Oral Cavity?
Social Media and the Dental Professional: The Harmful Effects of Misinformation
How Saliva Testing Predicts Oral/Systemic Health
Botulinum Toxin- Just a Pretty Face?


Fanshawe College
Mentorship between a Dental Hygiene Faculty and Dental Hygiene Graduate: A Retrospective Case Study
Howard University Department of Dental Hygiene
Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing and ADHD: Incorporating the Dental Team in the Screening Process
KLR's Lenora Institute of Dental Sciences
Effectiveness of Herbal Root Canal Irrigants on Endodontic Bacteria
New York City College of Technology
Surface Disinfection
New York University College of Dentistry
Dental Hygiene Student and Faculty Perspectives on Disposable vs. Traditional Local Anesthetic Syringes
Yenepoya Dental College- India
Is Vaping better than smoking? Impact of Vaping on Oral Health


Hostos Community College
Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain: A Quality Improvement Project
Relationship between age, gender, perceived susceptibility, benefit, and self-efficacy among at-risk tobacco users for smoking cessation prevention: A correlational study


Howard University College of Dentistry
Correlation of HB1Ac and Salivary Glucose level in Diabetic and non-diabetic patients
MATEC, University of Illinois at Chicago
New York University College of Dentistry
Private Practice
COVID & ORAL CARE in a Post-Pandemic Era
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Botulinum Toxin and Condyle Bone Mineralization: A Safety Review
University at Buffalo, New York
Dental Informatics: Innovations, Integration, and Impact on Modern Dentistry
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Medial Arterial Calcification (MAC): A Possible Biomarker of Undiagnosed Diabetes


Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
Layer-by-Layer Nanofabrication to Orchestrate Interplay between Macrophage and Stem/Progenitor Cells
Evaluation of Amyloid-like FadA Production in Various Strains of Fusobacterium nucleatum
Self-perceived versus Actual Oral Health Status among WHICAP Participants
Interaction Between Alveolar Bone Loss and SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Incidence of 'Drop-Off' Cancer Development Within the Oral Cavity
Caregiver Perspectives on Barriers to and Factors Promoting Access to Routine Dental Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
The Relationship Between Language, Birth Order, and Frequency of Parent’s Dental Visits and the Pediatric Patient’s Dental Health
Pediatric Dental Residents’ Views on the Use of Behavioral Techniques for Individuals with Special Health Care Needs
Hydrophilic Polydopamine (hPDA) Incorporated Fibrin Bio-Adhesive For Improved Healing Of Fibrocartilaginous Tissues
Demographic factors on globalization of healthcare education
Developing Professional Identity in Healthcare Students Through Peer Interactions
Dental Manifestations in Individuals with Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Homozygous Nonsense Variant In Macrophage-Expressed Gene 1 (MPEG1)/Perforin-2: A Case Study
The Neurological Development of Offspring Exposed to Transplacental Infection of Fusobacterium Nucleatum
Periodontal Treatment As A Preventative Measure Against Preterm Birth - A Systematic Review
Howard University College of Dentistry
Falsies An Esthetic Compromise to Infection Control
The Efficacy of Medical Consultation to I¬mprove Oral Health Outcomes in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
The Importance of Medical Consultation and Health Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Diseases
New York Implant Institute
Alternative To Lateral Approach for Sinus Augmentation through Crest (ALSAC): A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
New York University College of Dentistry
Tissue Hardness of SDF-Treated Carious Lesions in Primary Teeth
Artificial Intelligence and Innovations for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Medical and Recreational Cannabis and Cannabinoids
Instagram: The Future Educator for Dental Students in Oral Surgery
Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica: A Rare and Poorly Understood Entity
Evaluation of Influence of Altered Lower Vertical Proportions in the Perception of Facial Attractiveness
NOVA Southeastern University
Touro University, College of Dental Medicine
Heart Rate Variability in an Experimental Model of Obesity
Knowledge and Perspectives on Opioids Use in Dentistry- A Student and Faculty Survey at a U.S. Dental School
Use of LASERs in Treating Periodontal Defects: A Case Review and Review of Literature
The Importance of Upper Lip Curvature in Determining an Esthetic Smile Arc
Touro University, College of Dental Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine
Integrating Virtual Edutainment Escape Rooms into Interprofessional Education Workshops
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Development and Validation of a Survey Assessing the Oral Health Knowledge of Healthcare Interpreters
Perceptions of Virtual Interviews: A Dental Students’ and Program Directors’ Survey
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Characterization of Soft Tissue Calcifications in a Diabetic Cohort: A Case Control Study
In Vitro Comparative Study between Full-arch Abutment Level Implant Impressions with Different Scan Bodies- A Pilot Study


Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center
Airway Management in a Retrognathic Patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Glass Ionomer Cements Compared with Composite Resin in Restoration of Noncarious Cervical Lesions
Glandular Odontogenic Cyst: A Case Report
Multidisciplinary Management of Dental Trauma and Esthetics
Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, One Brooklyn Health
Regenerative Endodontics, the Present and the Future of Endodontics
Pediatric Reconstruction of a Pathologic Defect with Dental Implants, a case review after 10 years
Eastman Institute for Oral Health, University of Rochester Medical Center
Oral Health of Pregnant Women: Trends and Strategies to Improve Outcome
Harvard Medical School
Managing Non-cervical Carious Lesions
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Self-Assessment Skills and Influencing Factors in Dental Education
New York Medical College
The Treatment of Pediatric Dental Patients with Basic Behavior Guidance Techniques vs. General Anesthesia: A Review of the Literature and Current Guidelines for Proper Case Selection
New York University College of Dentistry
The Effectiveness of Intr-Oral/Extra-Oral/Intra-Canal Cryotherapy in Root Canal Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Current Understanding of Stem Cells in Oral Surgery
Advancing Guided Dental Implant Surgery: A Comprehensive Literature Review on the Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality for Precision and Predictability
Vitamin D Screening and Supplementation: A Novel Approach to Higher Implant Success
Mini-Implant and Its Application in Multidisciplinary Cases
Transillumination of Interproximal Lesions with Orthodontic Appliances Placed
NewYork Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Complete Oral Rehabilitation with Implant Supported Dentures: Case Report
Some Gleanings on the Origin, Etiology, Nature and Development of Pulp Stones - 100-year Perspective
Survival and Success of Endocrown Restorations
Esthetic Management of Tooth Discoloration
Restoring the Edentulous Patient
An Overview of Signs, Symptoms, Treatment Guidelines, and Advancements in the field of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Prognosis of Restored Teeth with Crown Lengthening vs. Deep Margin Elevation
Incidence of MRONJ post extraction in patients taking bisphosphonates
Outcomes of Endodontic Microsurgery
Investigating Stem Cell-Based Regenerative Therapies for Treatment of Periodontitis
HIV Screening in Dental Care
The Effectiveness of Various Tooth Bleaching Systems
The Mouth-Body Connection: Why the Dental Team is Essential for your Overall Health
Examining Temperomandobilar Joint Disorders in Children & Adolescents
Gingival Recession and Orthodontic Treatment: A Critical Literature Review
One Brooklyn Health
Conservative Management of a Child Patient with CHARGE Syndrome
Congenital Epulis: A Case Presentation
Socket Shield Technique for Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone
Management of Esthetics During Dental Emergencies and Beyond
Management of a Severely Ankylosed Primary Molar - A Call to Action for Healthcare
Replantation of Avulsion Trauma Extraoral Dry Time >17 hours : A Case Study
Oral Management of a Child with DiGeorge Syndrome: Understanding Social Determinants of Health
One Brooklyn Health, Interfaith Medical Center
Management of Dentigerous Cysts in a Pediatric Patient, A Case Report
University of Connecticut
Maximizing Precision in 3D Printing: The Importance of Choosing the Right Printing Angle
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Microcomputed Tomography Studies of the Effectiveness of Three Variable Taper NiTi files (ProTaper Gold, ProTaper NEXT, and ProTaper Universal) in Root Canal Preparation: A Review of the Literature
University Of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa) Leukotoxin (LtxA) Dependent Pyroptosis and Cytokine Release In Macrophages


Academia Brasileira de Odontologia
Facial Restructuring: Advanced Techniques with PDO Threads and Hyaluronic Acid
Intelligent Pricing for Dentists
Autonomous University of Yucatan
Internal and External Root Resorptions by Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
Belgrade Faculty of Dentistry
Analysis of Jow Bone Anomalies and Deformities That Require Pre–Prosthetic Surgery in Local Population
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University & AMC Dental College
CEHOM Clinic
Class 3 Skeletal Malocclusion - Appliance Treatment
Delta University for Science and Technology, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine
Effect of Denture Disinfectants on Flexural Strength of Different Denture Base Materials
Dharmsinh Desai University
Role of Dental Sealants in Dental Caries
Face Art Vivi Rabelo - Let’s HOF
Restoring Facial Symmetry: Approaches for Treating Unilateral Masseter Hypertrophy
Advancements in Facial Tissue Repositioning Techniques
Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic
Musculoaponeurotic Suspension with Anchoring in the Temporal Muscle Region - Modified Technique
FK Institute
A Clinical Approach for No Prep Direct Composite Veneers Case
Gangneung-Wonju National University College of Dentistry, Department of Periodontology and Research Institute of Oral Sciences
Comparison of Complications Between Splinted and Nonsplinted Implants Installed in the Posterior Region
Georgian American Dental Association
Effect of Finishing and Polishing Systems on the Surface Roughness and Color Change of Injection Molding Composite Resins
Government Dental College and Hospital, Siddhpur, Gujarat, India
Age Estimation Using Orthopantomographs by Demirjian's Method
Revolutionizing Facial Treatments in Dentistry: Harnessing the Benefits of Technology
GREEHOF - Academia Brasileira Da Face
Combination Therapy with Polydioxanone (PDO) Threads and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) in Treatment of Infraorbital Region: Case Report
Guided Ultrasonography for Steroid Injection Used in the Treatment of Fibrosis After Submental Liposuction
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Treatment of Depression with Botulinic Toxin in the Glabellar Region, Through Professional and Patient Perception: Case Report
Complications After Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: A Systematic Literature Review
Effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin in the Treatment of Chronic Migraine: A Systematic Review
Orthodontic Retreatment with Aligners
Mechanical Liposuction of Papada with Ultrasound Before and After the Procedure: Clinical Case Report
Using the Fillers Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium Hydroxyapatite Combined or Mixed: A Systemic Review
GREEHOF - Escola Bel Guerra
The Effectiveness of the 3M Technique in Improving Retrognathic Patient Profiles
GREEHOF - Grupo de Estudo e Ensino em Harmonização Orofacial
Facial Aesthetic Outcomes of Injectable Treatments in Dentistry
Enhancing Facial Aesthetics: Integrating Procedures for Profileplasty Optimization
GREEHOF - Grupo de Estudo e Ensino em Harmonização Orofacial - Centro Universitário Uningá
Enhancing Facial Symmetry in Parry-Romberg Syndrome: The Role of Calcium Hydroxylapatite and Hyaluronic Acid fillers Combination Therapy
GREEHOF - Grupo de Estudo e Ensino em Harmonização Orofacial - Sato Institute
Multi-point Lifting Technique: Advancing Facial Aesthetics and Functional Outcomes in Dentistry
GREEHOF - Instituto Crivelenti
Chemical Resurfacing and Facial Projection: Exploring the Synergy with Dentistry
GREEHOF - Instituto Laura Moura Martins
Restorative Approaches for Perioral Tissue Structure: Scientific Considerations and Applications
GREEHOF- São Leopoldo Mandic
Instituto Kenedy de Pós-Graduação
Combination of Microfocused Ultrasound and Lavieen Laser for Orofacial Harmonization Treatment
Instituto Laura Moura Martins
Hyaluronidase: Therapheutic for reversal of Intercurrences with Hyaluronic Acid
Instituto Leandro Rago
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty - Leandro Rago Method
Effect of 1470nm Diode Laser on the Integumentary System: A Systematic Review
IOA Piracicaba - Instituto Orofacial das Américas
Facial Support and Rejuvenation through Fillers and Collagen Biostimulation
Jose Antonio Paez University
Maxillary Osteoradionecrosis After Surgical Dental Treatment in A Cancer Patient
KLE Society’s Institute of Dental Science, Bangalore
Static vs. Dynamic Navigation in Guided Endodontics
Korea University, Department of Medicine
Conservative Management of Ameloblastoma and Long Term Follow-up: Case report
Kuwait University
Peri-Implant Inflammation in Waterpipe Users and Cigarette Smokers: An Observational Study
Career Choice in Dentistry - Motivation and Confidence: A Mixed Method Analysis
Association of Fit of Partial Denture Metal Framework with Various Framework Design Features Using Alginate as a Final Impression Material: A Prospective Clinical Study
Dental Plaque Microbiota Profiles of Children with Caries-Free and Caries-Active Dentition
Surface Treatment Strategies for Enhancing Bonding of Zirconia Lithium Silicate Ceramics to Dentin
Lutheran University of Brazil
Injectable Biostimulators Also Promote Non-Inflammatory Collagen Biostimulation
Narayana Dental College and Hospital, Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences
Pacific Dental College and Research Center, Udaipur, India
Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry
Perfect Smile Polyclinics
Non-Surgical Treatment of A Severe Unilateral Scissor Bite Using Intra-Alveolar Mini-Screws
ProClinic - Ensino e Saúde, Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes
Electromyographic Evaluation Before and After Application of Botulinum Toxin in A Patient With Sleep Bruxism
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and Hospital
São Paulo State University (UNESP) School of Dentistry, Araraquara -SP/ Brazil
Surface Roughness and Microhardness of Conventional And CAD/CAM Resins Subjected to Different Polishing Systems and to Erosive-Abrasive Challenge
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Exploring Novel Technologies for Improved Efficiency & Sustainability
Seoul National University Gwanak Dental Hospital
Micro-CT Analysis of Volumetric Changes of Root-End Filling Materials
Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, College of Medicine, Department of Prosthodontics
Rehabilitation of Vertical Dimension in Patients with Collapsed Occlusion Caused By Partially Loss of Posterior Support and Anterior Stop Using Implant Assisted Removable Partial Denture
Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital
Ligaplants: PDL Regeneration in Implant Dentistry
UCSF School of Dentistry
UNESP - Institute of Science of Technology
Development, Characterization and In Vitro Analysis of the 3D Hydrogel Drug Delivery System
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Effectiveness of EPX Biomolecules in Managing Complications during Membrane Exposure and Promoting Soft Tissue Healing: A Case Study
Advancing Tissue Healing: Nanoparticle Systems with Chitosan-based EPX Biomolecule Gel in Peri-Implantitis Treatment
Clinical, Radiographic and Surgical Analysis of Supernumerary Teeth in Non-Syndromic Patients
Soft Tissue Healing After Periodontal Surgery Assisted with the EPX Biomolecule
Novel Method to Approach a Hipoplasic Midface Diagnosis
Management of Endo-Perio Lesion with Presence of Intraosseous Defect: Clinical Case Report
Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador
Influence of the Photopolymerization Unit Angulation on Microhardness, Degree of Convertion And Biaxial Flexural Strength of Bulk fill Composites
Universidad Federico Henríquez y Carvajal
Radiographic Verification of Efficacy Autogenous Dentin Graft for the Alveolar Ridge Maintenance Post – Extraction
Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña
Burnout Syndrome in Clinical Cycle Students of Dentistry Degree at Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña
Aplicación de la Doxiciclina cómo Coadyuvante en el Tratamiento Periodontal en Pacientes con Periodontitis
Efectividad Antibacteriana del Ácido Acético en la Desinfección de Cepillos Dentales Inoculados con Streptococcus Mutans: In Vitro
Universidad Nacional Romulo Gallegos
Periodontal Disease and Relationship with Cardiovascular Disease
Universidade de São Paulo
Chemical and Mechanical Modulation of Muscular Facial Asymmetry: A Case Report
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry: Accuracy and Predictable Solutions
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Perception of the Knowledge of Dentistry Undergraduates about Orofacial Harmonization
Universidade Ingá – Maringá – Paraná - Brasil
Evaluation of Bacterial Contamination in Collagen and Decontamination Potential of Antimicrobial Photodynresorbableamembranesmic Therapy – In Vitro Study
Université d' Etat d' Haiti, Faculté d' Odontologie
Reporting the First Assessment of Oral Health Status in Haiti' s Population since 20 years (ongoing project)
University of Helsinki, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases
Alveolar Ridge Preservation in Growing Patient With Dentoalveolar Ankylosis: Case Report With 4-Year Follow-Up After Decoronation
University of Passo Fundo
Influence of a New Filling Paste for Primary Teeth on the Mechanical Properties of Root Dentin
University of Puerto Rico, Medical Campus
Complete Oral rehabilitation on a patient with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
University Technological Business of Guayaquil
The integration of artificial intelligence in the training and practice of healthcare professionals
Veterans Health Service Medical Center in Korea
A Case of Implant-Supported Removable Partial Denture A Patient With Mandibular Unilateral Residual Tooth
Yonsei University College of Dentistry
Comparison of Moldable Bone and Particulate Bone in the Alveolar Ridge Preservation : A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Efficacy of Interactive Smart Toothbrush in Adults: 6-Month Randomized Controlled Trials