The Laser LANAP Protocol for Treatment of Periodontitis – A “Live” Patient Demonstration

Course # 5100
Date 11/28/2017
Time 10:00am - 12:30pm
Topic Live Dentistry
Tuition Free - No Ticket Required
Credits 3
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) Yetta G. McCullom

Periodontal therapy is often a patient’s first experience in a dental practice. Seeing the steps of the LANAP protocol will demonstrate why this technique is ideal for both clinicians and patients. Treating periodontal disease with this procedure increases the odds for optimal control of your patient’s periodontitis, improvement of their overall health, and patient acceptance of additional care. The steps of the LANAP protocol are demonstrated and the reasoning behind each will be explained in detail.


  • the steps of the LANAP protocol
  • why the LANAP protocol is a preferred option for the initial treatment of periodontitis
  • why case acceptance increases when the LANAP procedure is presented as a treatment option

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