Course Details

Create Beautiful Composite Restorations in the Aesthetic Zone

Course # 5530
Date 12/03/2019
Time 9:45am - 12:45pm
Room Exhibit Floor Room #6218
Topic Esthetic Dentistry
Tuition $295.00
Credits 3
Course Info Half Day
Speaker(s) Sigal Jacobson

This hands-on workshop provides an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the fundamentals required to accomplish beautiful, functional, long-lasting aesthetic direct composite restorations and veneers. Porcelain versus composite veneers; case selection and preparation guidelines; and, techniques for selecting the right composite material and shade for each case including layering techniques are demonstrated and practice in this hands-on workshop. Review clinical cases and live videos of direct veneers, mock-ups, diastema closure, class IV, and the fractured tooth. This workshop focuses on how to avoid future composite failures (chips and staining). In addition, learn painless injection techniques that in most cases eliminates the need for an inferior alveolar block.

Learn to: 

  • create individual composite shade guides using Uveneer
  • create a direct bridge on a model using a fiber splint
  • create the perfect composite veneer with Uveneer 

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