The Chartless Practice: Because Paper Is Not Free

Marty Jablow, D.M.D.

Woodbridge, NJ

Private Practice

2:00 - 5:00                                                                         3 CEUs

Course 4330                                                                          Free

Recommended For:  D, H, A, R, L, S                                          

This seminar is a guide to reducing paper in the dental office. Learn strategies for converting from paper to chartless and why chartless and paperless are not the same thing. See the benefits of digital records and why you will need to get there. Learn the easy ways to make film digital along your conversation path.


·         how to reduce paper from initial encounter to sending of records

·         the scan and shred method for digitizing charts

·         to establish proper backup procedures to ensure integrity of charts

·         to determine why outsourcing practice communications saves you money

These courses are approved for 3 CEUs towards the  AADOM Fellowship Program

Sponsored by American Association of Dental Office Managers

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